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Canadian Archives - Learn more about the Battle of Vimy through the eyes of Donald Fraser, a Canadian soldier by reading his diary.  More information is also presented here.

Canadian War Museum - Visit the Canvas of War exhibit to view painted masterpieces from World War One as well as World War 2.  There is also a detailed section on the Vimy Memorial.

Over the Top Adventure Game - Play as a Canadian soldier in the trenches in this illustrated, interactive book.

Canada's Military Heritage - This is a good resource for general information about Canada in the first World War.  It includes information about Canadian women in the war and the Newfoundland Blue Puttees. 

Internment of Ukrainians in Canada 1914-1920 - Interesting website about the treatment of Ukrainians that emigrated to Canada from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

A Canadian's Visit to the Vimy Memorial - Pictures and poetry help share the experience of the memorial.

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